GOFBA Doubles Chat File Size Transfer Limit

Ontario, CA–GOFBA doubles chat file size transfer limit – Users can now send an unprecedented 10GB . GOFBA (pronounced gŏf’ bah), the up and coming search engine and megasite, uniquely known for its safe and clean nature, announced today that users can now transfer files up to an unprecedented 10GB in GOFBA Chat at ultra-high speed. The size limit was doubled from the previous 5GB limit.

GOFBA aims to remove the file transfer headache that currently exist in the market with other chat services. Now you can simply drag and drop any file up to 10GB directly into the chat for personal and business use. A GOFBA spokesperson confirmed the feature launch.

With air tight encryption and no cookies collecting or storing users’ information or tracking their usage, users are provided with the safest and most private online experience available worldwide. GOFBA’s over 40 million users can rest assured that their content and personal information are safe and secure.

We anticipate future updates to include instant language translation, international keyboards, and audio & video chatting.

It’s also presumed that GOFBA is in the process of filing paperwork for an initial public offering.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon.


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