GOFBA.com: Safe Is the New Search

Ontario, CA–GOFBA.com (pronounced gŏf’ bah), the first and only family friendly search engine and mega-site, provides users with a safe and protected Internet experience.  GOFBA currently has over 40 million users and is in the process of filing paperwork for an initial public offering.

GOFBA gives internet users a choice and safe solution to searching and using the World Wide Web, effectively excluding inappropriate material such as violence, pornography, sexual predators, and vulgarity, while at the same time providing an unparalleled level of secure encryption to ensure that our users’ information is held privately.

From businesses aiming to protect their company’s integrity and classified information, to parents safeguarding their kids from an often hazardous internet, GOFBA is ideal for all personal, business, school, church, non-profit organization and government internet use.

“Pornography and violence on the Internet create major issues,” says Anna Chin, Founder and Chairman of GOFBA, “for parents who are worried about their children’s innocence, and businesses aiming to protect their company’s integrity.” “We want to make the world a better place,” declares Chin.

“In addition, GOFBA often delivers more useful results than all of the most popular search engines out there today,” according to GOFBA’s Chief Information Officer, Bill DeLisi.  “Unlike other search engines out there that try to filter out this inappropriate content, this content does not exist in the first place on GOFBA.com,” explains DeLisi.

With air tight encryption and no cookies collecting or storing your information or tracking your usage, users are provided with the safest and most private online experience available worldwide. GOFBA’s advanced proprietary algorithms give GOFBA’s over 40 million users peace of mind knowing that they are protected from inappropriate content.  GOFBA provides users with the highest degree of privacy meaning that we do not track our users’ browsing experience, scan their computers, sell their information, or install secret cookies on their computers or devices.

GOFBA Search is accompanied by a variety of integrated modules, which the company will release strategically over time.  GOFBA.com is currently available for your searching, email, messaging, and file storage needs.

About GOFBA, Inc.

GOFBA is an Internet services company located in Ontario, California.  Inspired to make the world a better place they are very excited and proud to have made a family-friendly and safe Internet experience available to everyone.  This internet safe haven is growing fast and strong.

GOFBA, where ‘Safe is the New Search’.


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