UNE Partners with Advancing Justice-LA to Better Serve the Community

By Timothy Pei

Los Angeles—“US News Express looks forward to a stronger partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice to better serve new immigrants from Asian and the Pacific region,” said Jennifer Liu, the publisher of UNE, during her courtesy call to the largest institution in America which provides Asian Americans with legal and civil rights services.

Randy Bunnao, Jennifer Liu, Stewart Kwoh and Vincent Fan (from left to right) (by Keyang Pang)
Randy Bunnao, Jennifer Liu, Stewart Kwoh and Vincent Fan (from left to right) (by Keyang Pang)

According to Stewart Kwoh, President and Executive Director of Asian American Advancing Justice, this institution, which was founded in 1983 and used to be known as the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, is headquartered in Los Angles, and has branch offices in Orange County and Sacramento.  Every year over 15,000 people in disadvantage seek help from them and pursue civil rights and social justice through them.

“Asian Americans have made great contributions to both America and China, and the world as a whole.  For example, Hong Kong is the second largest donor to American higher education institutions.  It is second only to the United States in this regard.  The largest gift of $350 million ever received by Harvard University in its almost 400 years of history was from Ronnie Chan and Gerald Chan, two brothers from Hong Kong,” said Kwoh.  “In some Americans’ eyes, Chinese Americans do not pay back to the community.  This is not the case.  Actually many Chinese American philanthropists and their charitable deeds were not properly communicated to the public.  Therefore, we are prepared to publish biographies of 60 Chinese American philanthropists.  It is our hope that more and more Chinese Americans will follow suit and join the community services.”

Jennifer Liu explained the mission of US News Express, a multi-platform media outlet.  “UNE is committed to life-enhancing journalism that is honest and fair.  It is our mission to report and illustrate topics of vital interest to both English and Chinese speaking audience, and disseminate truth and positive values,” said Liu.  “New immigrants long for in-depth understanding of American society and culture, and their own rights and obligations in this country.  UNE is honored to work along with Asian Americans Advancing Justice to better serve Asian and Pacific American communities.”

Randy Bunnao, Communications Director, and Vincent Fan, Chinese Community Coordinator of Asian American Advancing Justice also attended today’s meeting.




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