Sheriff Jim McDonnell Reinvigorates LASD through transparent law enforcement

May 23, 2016 │ Reporting from Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s vision of reform is starting to take hold.  His rich expertise, outstanding leadership and sincere work style have been widely recognized among various communities.

3rdJim McDonnell became L.A. County’s 32nd Sheriff in December 2014 when the image of LASD was seriously tarnished by inmate beating scandal and other problems.  The task lying ahead of him to revamp the nation’s largest sheriff department seemed “mission impossible” at that time.

Now one and a half years later, LASD is regaining the trust of the communities thanks to Sheriff McDonnell’s unswerving efforts in improving the management, oversight and transparency of the agency.

“The police and the media have similar jobs which are to find the truth.  The only difference is how we expose the truth to the public.  Therefore, it is important for the police to partner with the media,” said Sheriff McDonnell in an exclusive interview with US News Express.  LASD look forward to interact with the Chinese American community, helping new immigrants better understand the American judicial system.

“LASD needs the support of all communities.  Mutual understanding and cooperation guarantee social justice and safety for everyone,” said Sheriff McDonnell.

2ndThe jurisdiction of LASD includes 42 incorporated cities and 130 unincorporated areas, and covers an area of 4000 miles ranging from the coastline of Catalina Island to Mt. Baldy, from Long Beach to Lancaster. And LASD has the nation’s largest jail system and court system.




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