“Colorful Guizhou, Bridging the World” Launch Ceremony Held during the 2023 Chinese American Film Festival Highlighted the Beauty of Guizhou

“Colorful Guizhou, Bridging the World” Launch Ceremony held during the 2023 Chinese American Film Festival highlighted the beauty of Guizhou

Los Angeles — As one of the official events of the 2023 19th Chinese American Film Festival, the Guizhou Provincial Government Delegation and EDI Media Inc. held the Unveiling Ceremony of  “Colorful Guizhou, Bridging the World” on November 2, 2023.

He Yunjiang, director of Guizhou Radio and Television Bureau, introduced in the event that Guizhou has a colorful and rich culture. At the same time, Guizhou also has the reputation of being a “Bridge of the World.” The delegation hopes that through the program, “Colorful Guizhou, Bridging the World” it will inspire more Americans to get to know Guizhou, understand Guizhou and fall in love with Guizhou. The team behind Colorful Guizhou welcomes their viewers to visit the province, exchange knowledge and information and collaborate with each other.

James Su, the chairman of the Chinese American Film Festival and Chinese American TV Festival Chairman and EDI Media Inc. said, “Chinese American Film Festival has always been persistent on building a bridge between Chinese and American cultures through film and television. “Colorful Guizhou ,Bridging the World” program will let the American people better understand Chinese culture through excellent Chinese film and television works and strengthen mutual exchanges and cooperation.

Li Zhiqiang, deputy consul general of the Chinese consulate general in Los Angeles, welcomed the Guizhou delegation to the U.S. on behalf of the Consulate General. Arcadia City Councilmember Eileen Wang and San Gabriel City Councilmember Tony Ding attended the press conference and sent congratulations on behalf of their cities, hoping to establish more cultural and business exchanges with Guizhou Province in the future.

On behalf of the CAFF Organizing Committee, CAFF Co-Chair and Oscar Award winner Andre Morgan, CAFF Member and Oscar and Emmy Awards winner Richard Anderson, and CAFF Member and Hollywood Actor George Cheung presented the “Chinese American Film Festival Commemorative Stamp,” which represents the everlasting friendship between the two sides. The presenters also expressed their hope to have an opportunity to visit Guizhou in the future. Whether it is for tourism or filming, the presenters commented that it will be an unforgettable and wonderful trip.

The “Colorful Guizhou, Bridging the World” program will land on iCiTi TV. It aims to bring mutual understanding between the two peoples in the alignment of the festival’s theme, “Better Film, Better World.” It will be broadcast on all platforms of iCiTi TV in America starting from January 1, 2024.


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