Stocks End with Mixed Results After Latest PCE Data

Stocks end with mixed results after latest PCE Data

Los Angeles — The U.S. stock market ended on Thursday with mixed results following the latest PCE data from the federal reserve. The latest update to the Personal Consumption  Expenditures ( PCE ) index, the Fed’s preferred indicator, showed a 0.2% rise in prices on an basis in July.

Wall Street in New York (image credit: Joyce Yu)

This showcases the ongoing battle to curb inflation, which remains above 3% overall.  The Dow Jones sank about 0.5% or 170 points to end at 34,721.91. 

The S&P 500 lost 0.16% to close at 4,507.66 while the Nasdaq added 0.11%, securing a fifth consecutive winning session despite its worst monthly loss of 2023. 

US Stocks were mixed early afternoon friday

All three major indexes closed out a tough month posting losses while the overall year is still looking positive.


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