Automotive Repair Shops Adopting Facepay as Busy Holiday Approaches

Growing interest in Facepay as a strategic COVID-19 opening investment

Mountain View, CA – Facepay, leading the transformation to relational payments, is seeing accelerated interest by Auto Repair Shops to be onboarded as the holidays approach.  In a few minutes, these auto shops solve two significant pain points.

The first is an immediate need for a pandemic safe approach solved by Facepay contactless payments. Auto Repair Shops seek to eliminate any possibility of contact during their visit. Customers react negatively to any use of credit card machines and signatures at real world businesses. Facepay replaces that with simple Scan to Pay and Text to Pay, now ranked as highly favorable by customers as they start to visit.  It works on every phone, requires no application to install and is secure. In fact, businesses that have Facepay are perceived to be more modern and prepared.

As Auto Repair Shops struggle to stay open, they view Facepay as the only way to eliminate payment fees when they need it the most.  Facepay has 0% transaction fees, as compared to up to 3% for Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and Mitchell XCharge.  Every owner is given a written guarantee there are no fees. Auto Shops that use Facepay, get immediate relief from credit card fees of $1000-$1500 a month for a typical 2 bay automotive repair shop.  Our research shows that customers respect businesses more when they provide an alternative to passing on fees.

[Note:  Facepay charges a one-time fee for $1/customer, a fraction of existing credit card fees. On average, a single repair results in $8.48 in credit card fees. Facepay charges $1 once to connect that customer to your shop.  This fee is waived during COVID-19 for new customer sign-ups, for the lifetime of the product. So, there are no hidden charges.  Facepay is available at no cost to Auto Shop Owners.]

“Owners tell me that they can’t imagine doing it the old way anymore. Facepay is the only way to do it as they look to stay open.  They can’t believe that it takes less than 15 minutes to get started – a relief as they want it in time before the busy July 4th holiday.” says Facepay founder Dr Mark Hale, with more than 10 years’ experience writing software for shop management systems, like Mitchell, RO Writer and NAPA Tracs, enabling customer growth with service reminders, recall and service appointments.

Garnished by industry expertise, Facepay offers a comprehensive offering for Automotive Repair Shops.  We do this because we know owners need it fast – especially in this economy. The setup process takes minutes with no contract – since there are no fees. Facepay sits alongside other payments during the transition. Thus, there is no risk, training required, or installation to proceed.  We then focus on customer adoption with counter cards for customers.  We also deliver prepared email campaigns educating customers about shop pandemic readiness and contactless payments.  Finally, we’re able to define the tender types in your shop management system and have payment processing reports for accounting.

About Facepay

Facepay is founded on a focused mission – guarantee 0% transaction fees to every service business. They do so with a direct debit model with the simplest scan interface. The founder of Facepay, Mark Hale, PhD, was former division Chief Technology Officer at Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks and TurboTax.  He went on to found Facepay when he heard consistently that “owners hate credit card fees” but implicitly believe there is nothing they can do about it.  Facepay is headquartered in Mountain View, California and is a self-funded, wholly owned company.


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