African Americans Represents Disproportionately Higher Number of Deaths in California

Sacramento—The COVID-19 death rate of African Americans / Blacks stands at 12% in California, even though they account for just 6% of the total population of the state, according to the data released by the California Department of Public Health.

image credit: CDPH

As of April 18, California has 30,333 confirmed cases and 1,166 deaths.

Local health departments have reported 3,523 confirmed positive cases in health care workers. This includes on-the-job exposures, and other exposures, such as travel and close family contact.

As of April 18, more than 280,900 tests had been conducted in California. At least 273,721 results have been received and another 7,200 are pending. These numbers include data California has received from commercial, private and academic labs, including Quest, LabCorp, Kaiser, University of California and Stanford, and the 22 state and county health labs currently testing.


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