He Shengming Honored with Best Actor in Leading Role at Hollywood International Film Festival

By Jennifer Liu

Los Angeles—Chinese actor He Shengming was awarded the Best Actor in Leading Role on December 13 at Hollywood International Film Festival for his performance in the White Wedding, a film directed by Zhang Jiarui.

He Shengming, Zhang Jiarui and Li Yixiang (left to right)

“It is the first time for me to receive such a precious award at an international film festival,” said He at a press conference hosted by Sichuan Chongqing Chamber of Commerce.  “I look forward to more opportunities to work with director Zhang Jiarui to make more quality films.”

The White Wedding, in which He Shengming plays a leading role, was honored with the Outstanding Foreign Film at the festival.

Zhang Jiarui and He Shengming talk to the media (image credit: Jennifer Liu)

The film is based on the story of two brothers, whose values were impacted by their different life trajectory.  And it is meant to express how the social transformation dramatically changes people’s mind.

“It is a great honor for me to present the White Wedding to the American audience,” said director Zhang.  “I feel excited that the film received the award of both ‘Outstanding Foreign Film’ and ‘Best Actor in Leading Role’.  And I hope to see more Chinese films on the world stage.”

He Shengming rose to fame in China for his roles in several TV series including “the Palace” and “the Desperate Love”.  And he was awarded the Most Favorite TV Actor at the Golden Eagle Festival in 2012.

Phoebe Chen and member of Sichuan Chongqing Chamber of Commerce welcome Zhang and He (image credit: Jennifer Liu)

“The White Wedding was shot in Chongqing, and the story originated from Sichuan” said Phoebe Chen, the president of Sichuan Chongqing Chamber of Commerce.  “The film will help the audience to better understand the unique culture of Sichuan and Chongqing.”


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