Over 2000 Students Graduate from Rongxiang Xu College of Cal State Los Angeles

Los Angeles—California State University Los Angeles today held the commencement for Class of 2019 of Rongxiang Xu College of Human Services in Los Angeles, the largest college in the campus.

Dr. Lili waves to the audience.

Around 2000 undergraduates and graduates are poised to join the workforce and the leadership position in the fields of social work, nursing and public health.

“I am honored to see so many talented students successfully completed their study and training in Rongxiang Xu College,” said Dr. Li Li, president of National Rongxiang Xu Foundation.  “It is my hope they will use their knowledge and experiences to serve the society, and make their impact on human causes and regenerative life science.”

Dr Lili and board members.

Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services, the first named college of Cal State LA, is named after Dr. Rongxiang Xu, a Chinese scientist, in recognition of his achievement in advancing regenerative life science.

Dr. Rongxiang Xu, who was born in 1958 and passed away in 2015, was the inventor of moisture exposed burn treatment (MEBT), a revolutionary alternative to the modern burn therapeutics which has benefited tens of millions of burn and ulcer patients around the world.

By keyang Pang

Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services is composed of seven departments and schools, including Child and Family Studies, Communication Disorders, Public Health, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics, Kinesiology and Nutritional Science, Nursing, and Social Work.

By Keyang Pang

The nursing master’s degree program of Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services has been ranked consistently during the past decade as one of the best in the nation.


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