Chinese Media Invited to Tour the Department of Transportation

Washington, DC—Representatives of major Chinese news outlets from several cities throughout the country were invited to tour the Department of Transportation on December 15.

Todd Inman, Deputy Chief of Staff, Marianne McInerney, Director of Public Affairs, and Dr. Marina Tse, Senior Advisor, received the media delegation.

Todd Inman, Deputy Chief of Staff, introduces the Department’s Crisis Management Center (by Mei Chen Chien)

The visitors were briefed on the functions of the Department of Transportation, toured the Department’s Crisis Management Center, and had a glimpse of the office of Secretary Elaine Chao.

According to the staff, Secretary Chao is an easy going and well learned person, who knows the Department well.  And she is often seen dine with the employees in the employee cafeteria.  All visitors were amazed by her low-profile office which are decorated with her photographs, Chinese paintings and calligraphy, and diplomatic gifts from foreign countries.

Portrait paintings of previous secretaries (by Mei Chen Chien)

To honor all previous secretaries, Secretary Chao moved their portrait paintings from other locations to the central court which is more accessible for visitors.


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