Marijuana Use on the Rise in Los Angeles County Thanks to Prop. 64

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) announces an increase in marijuana usage among adults in a new report titled Recent Trends in Adult Use of Marijuana.

The report’s analysis of data from the Los Angeles County Health Survey (LACHS) shows that the percentage of adults ages 18 and over who reported using marijuana in the past year increased by 33% (from 9% to 12%) from 2011 to 2015. Marijuana use increased by almost 50% among adults aged 21-29. In 2015, use was highest among 18-20 year olds (27%) and 21-29 year olds (22%). Men were twice as likely to use marijuana as women (16% vs. 8%).

Additionally, the use of marijuana with a medical marijuana ID card or a doctor’s recommendation increased by over 50% (from 21% to 33%) from 2011 to 2015.

The report found that marijuana use by race/ethnicity and income categories was highly influenced by country of birth. For example, while overall use among Latinos (10%) and Asians (6%) was lower than among Whites (15%) and African Americans (20%), use specifically among U.S. born Latinos (20%) and U.S. born Asians (13%) was similar to African Americans and Whites.

Also, while overall use among adults below the federal poverty level was lower (8%) than among all other income groups, use specifically among U.S. born adults below the federal poverty level was higher (19%) than among all other income groups.


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