Nien Su : Opportune Time For Changing America

City of Industry–Republican winning of the White House and control of both chamber of the Congress provide an opportune time for America to change. Many young Americans are excited about this historical moment.

Nien Su (middle) poses with Jennifer Liu (left), Publisher of US News Express, and Stephanie Hu (right), office staff of Congressman Ed Royce.

Nien Su of Roland Heights, Southern California is one of them. Su, who immigrated to this country with his parents at the age of 5, demonstrated enthusiasm in politics at his early age, and began his political life after graduation from George Washington University, acting as one of the top staff members with the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. In late 2014, he moved to Arkansas, and joined the senior management team of Walmart, in charge of China market and food safety. This experience allowed him to travel between the U.S. and China, and better understand the economic situation and market demands of both countries.

Starting this month, Su returns to Washington and becomes Chief Economic Advisor of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. In an exclusive interview with US News Express, he said it is time to act and help change America for the better. Reshaping American trade policy is one of the top priorities of Trump administration. A person like him, who understands the trade between the U.S. and China, can play a significant role and do something beneficial for local Chinese American small businesses.

Talking about his new position and future job, Su is full of confidence, and ready to face challenges. He will commute between D.C. and southern California, looking forward to using his expertise to serve the community and constituents.


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