Irvine Police Seek Suspects in Commercial Burglaries

Suspects in Commercial Burglaries. Irvine PD
Suspects in Commercial Burglaries. Irvine PD

IRVINE-The Irvine Police Department is seeking to identify suspects in two commercial burglaries that occurred over the weekend. The same three suspects stole a total of $500,000 worth of goods from two Irvine businesses located in the east industrial area of the City.

On Feb. 11, a high-end sunglass company was burglarized around 7 a.m. The suspects drove a white van into the roll-up door and used a crowbar to force entry into the warehouse. The suspects stole approximately $400,000 worth of merchandise.

one of the suspects. Irvine PD
one of the suspects. Irvine PD

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On Feb. 12, a gaming company that makes laptops, headsets and virtual reality equipment was burglarized just before 7 a.m. Again, the suspects were in a white van and used a crowbar to enter the business. The loss was estimated at up to $100,000.

Surveillance video captured the suspects, as well the white van, license plate 46712W1. The van was determined to have been stolen from an Irvine business prior to the weekend burglaries; it has not been located.

Burg 7Suspect 1 is described as a male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with dark gray hood and “California” printed across the chest. He had yellow gloves, red or maroon pants and red or maroon shoes with white laces.

Suspect 2 is a male wearing a gray and black patterned hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, black shoes with while laces and black gloves.

Suspect 3 is a male wearing a dark hooded shirt with a tan horizontal pattern across the chest, red gloves, jeans and a gray shirt.

Anyone with information on the suspects, the vehicle or either of the burglaries is asked to contact Irvine Police Detective Matt Ricci at 949-724-7189


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