Cathay Bank Foundation Scholarship Recipients 2022

LOS ANGELES — December 2, 2022 — Today, the Cathay Bank Foundation announced the names of the twenty high school seniors chosen to receive a Cathay Bank Foundation Scholarship. Each recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship to cover tuition costs for attending a 4-year college or university as a full-time student this fall.

“On behalf of Cathay Bank Foundation, I would like to extend my congratulations to the scholarship recipients, who exhibit extraordinary academic achievements, leadership skills, and contribution to their communities,” said William E. Becker, Senior Vice President, Director of Community Development of Cathay Bank. “We look forward to continuing to grow this program in the years ahead and play a part in helping our young generation thrive in the future.”

Deborah Ching, Co-Chair of the Cathay Bank Foundation, expressed gratitude to the Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF). APCF has been the Cathay Bank Foundation Scholarship program administrator for the past four years.

This year, the Foundation received 314 applications from California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington. Following an online application process, APCF reviewed each application and narrowed the field down to 287. A Cathay Bank employee committee then reviewed the 287 candidates to select the finalists and the scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to all the following scholarship recipients:

  • Southern California
    • Aman Kumar
    • Metztli Carbajal
  • Northern California
    • Janice Tran
    • Mohammed Lashuel
  • Illinois
    • Jala Taylor-Pickett
    • Jessica Zhang
  • Maryland
    • Carolyn Pham
    • Fiona Persaud
  • Massachusetts
    • Asmy Sylvain
    • Favour Ejims
  • Nevada
    • Lisa Guerrero
    • Nishelle Phansalkar Michalik
  • New Jersey
    • Adalia Fragoso
    • Tiffany Caba
  • New York
    • Afua Siaw
    • Xingyi (Cindy) Zheng
  • Texas
    • David Dzul
    • Jean Botani
  • Washington
    • Quyen To
    • Vichet Ros

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