Parking Enforcement Resumes in Los Angeles County on November 15

Los Angeles–The stay-at-home order issued in early 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the need for additional parking and a new way to address parking enforcement across Los Angeles County. Understanding the needs and challenges of those in the communities we serve, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parking Enforcement Detail relaxed parking enforcement to help cope with parking availability and administrative concerns.

In the face of new challenges to prepare for inclement winter weather, parking enforcement will resume. Beginning Sunday, November 15, 2020, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parking Enforcement Detail will again issue citations and tow vehicles in the areas we serve across Los Angeles County. To avoid receiving a parking citation or having a vehicle towed, LASD urges drivers to be mindful of this change.

Resumed enforcement will include:

  • Street sweeping:All streets with posted signs for street sweeping will be enforced, per 15.20.07(2) LACVC,
  • Expired registration:Vehicles with expired registration will be cited for 5204 (a) CVC; registrations expired in excess of six months, in violation of 4000(a)(1) CVC, will be towed, per 22651 (o)(1)(A) CVC,
  • Red tag warnings:Vehicles parked illegally, blocking public or emergency access such as alleyways, fire hydrants, driveways, and sidewalks, blocking or interfering public right-of-way, or blocking other vehicles, etc., will be given a 72-hour notice to move, per 22651(o)(1) CVC.

Red tag warnings will be issued to vehicles parked on the street not displaying signs of movement, including excessive dirt, debris underneath and around the tires, flat tires, missing parts, and vandalism. If the vehicle has not been moved after 72 hours or three days, a citation for Abandonment Prohibited – 22523(a)(b) CVC will be issued and an additional 48 hours or two days will be given. If the vehicle still has not been moved, it will be towed, per 22651(k) CVC.


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