Against Unfair Competition – Sky Vision Insurance Agency Aggressively Defends Its Rights

Los Angeles– The domino effect caused by the wide-spreading pandemic and the turmoil of economic has been significantly affecting the globe. Under the pressure of severe economic downfall, the true nature of the intensified industry competition starts to show itself like the tip of an iceberg.

Lately, Sky Vision Insurance Agency, a well-known insurance agency based in Southern California, claimed that the company has been attacked on WeChat Platform and over the internet by some anonymous group behind the scene.

The spokesperson for the company stated that it will not tolerate any false statements that pose tremendous damage to the company’s reputation, and the company has taken the matter to court to rigorously defend its legal rights and pursue all necessary legal actions. He also appeals to the general public to perceive the truth and to help prevent the rumors from spreading.

On the date of August 27th, 2020, George, the Vice President of the Sky Vision Insurance Agency, said that recently, there were a lot of similarly formatted texts and pictures spreading on Wechat Platform with viciously inaccurate contents accusing Sky Vision Insurance Agency of wrong doings.

It is obvious that some individuals or group were behind the scene, scheming the entire attack using distorted information, subjective biased comments as well as false accusations.

Those actions of widely distributing malicious comments and inaccurate information over the internet clearly represent an unfair competition, and are intended to smear the company’s reputation.  Thus those actions could not be tolerated in any way.

In addition, a certain website within the insurance industry deliberately composed an article using unfair, subjective, and misleading sentences to misguide the public opinions, causing significantly negative impacts on Sky Vision’s public image.

He also pointed out that the U.S. is an upright society with integrated legal system. Even though the competition within the industry might be fierce, there will be no place for unfair competitions using malicious attacks and intentional spreading of false statements.

Sky Vision Insurance Agency has been actively collecting evidence, consulting well-recognized lawyers, and preparing for legal actions. The company will decisively defend its rights and reputations in accordance with the law.

George also stated that Sky Vision Insurance Agency has been serving the Southern California Community for decades and has always been known for its professionalism and accountability.

As a top member of the Million Dollar Round Table Association, Tiffany Xu, the company’s President and CEO, dedicated herself to serving more than 70 thousand clients and agents for decades. Thus, if ever should there be any disputes between the company and its clients, Sky Vision will carefully handle the matter with legal procedures.

In response to the recent issue with the wide spreading of false accusation, mentioned by George, the company has issued an official announcement and has consulted with professional attorneys for a legal opinion.

Full disclosure of the announcement and the attorney opinion have been posted on the company’s website at Any inquiries are welcome. The company’s legal department is currently collecting evidence and tracking any possible clues relating to this matter.

The company is sincerely appreciative for the public to help stop the rumors from spreading and provide any clues, aiming to protect a fair and just business environment.

To contact the legal department at Sky Vision Insurance Agency, please dial 626-287-7779.

The U.S. News Express will actively follow up on this matter and provide the most updated and detailed report to the public.

(This English translation is for reference only. In any events that a conflict arises regarding the meaning herein, the original Chinese version shall prevail as the official authoritative version.)


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