Board of Education Approves Revising Dress Code to Prioritize Student Safety, Equity and Inclusivity

Los Angeles — The Board of Education voted Tuesday (June 18th ) to update the school dress code policy to reflect the support of all students without being overly restrictive at individual campuses. The Office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity will work on a revised dress code, with input from students, and make recommendations for implementation in January 2020.

By Jennifer liu

Student Board Member Tyler Okeke authored the resolution, which was approved during his final meeting. “I ran for the board on the issues of civic agency and for putting an end to discriminatory dress code policies,” he said. “I am happy that on my last day serving as the student board member, I have secured a future for my peers that is safe from discriminatory dress code policies and their punitive enforcement. Dress code policies should affirm all identities and allow students to express themselves free from over-sexualization, humiliation, and reproach.”

By jennifer liu

“We look forward to working with our students to develop a revised dress code that is free from discrimination and harassment and ensures every student has equal access to a great education,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said.

 Board President Mónica García, a co-sponsor, said, “All students must feel welcome and embraced in order to do their best at school. We certainly support revising the dress code to reflect the voices of our school community! Congratulations and thank you, Student Board Member Okeke for your advocacy and coalition building!”

Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said, “I am so appreciative of Mr. Okeke’s work as our student board member this year, and can think of no better culmination of his time on this board than to vote in support of this initiative to make sure all students, including women and students of color, feel welcome, comfortable, and ready to learn on our school campuses.”

Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said, “It is important that we frequently review the District’s school dress codes to ensure our guidelines reflect current concerns and promote an undisrupted safe school environment.”

Board Member Jackie Goldberg said, “The dress code needs to address the diversity in our student enrollment, and reflect how times change.”

 Board Member Kelly Gonez said, “When our policies respect student individuality and acknowledge diverse cultures, both our students and schools benefit. I’m glad we’re taking this step to ensure dress codes do not single out women, members of the LGBTQ community, or any students based on what they choose to wear. Thanks to Board Member Okeke for his persistence on this critical issue for students.”


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