Three Former Chinese Students Join the Lawsuits against USC

Los Angeles, CA—Three former USC students from China filed lawsuits against the university for damages caused by Dr. George Tyndall, a longtime gynecologist at USC, according to Deng Law Center.

The lawsuits were filed by Deng Law Center, in collaboration with Girardi & Keese, an accomplished personal injury law firm based out of Los Angeles.

Complaints of Dr. Tyndall’s misconduct towards young female patients include improper photographing of genitals, improper touching during pelvic exams, and making sexually suggestive comments.

“This is an important case, not only to the people who were harmed, but to young people all over,” said Thomas Girardi, attorney of Girardi & Keese.  “To have a university like this, to permit something like this is truly disgusting.  It is a devastating situation.”

On May 21, six women sued USC in separate lawsuits alleging that the university failed to address the complaints against Dr. Tyndall.

By Keyang Pang

“There has to be strength to fight back, making sure to help these people who have been harmed, and to tell these schools ‘you better not do this again’”, Girardi added.  “This cannot be a class action.  Each person has to be treated individually.”

“Women who experienced abuse of this nature frequently have issue of intimacy in marriage and other relationships,” said Alexandra Steele, another attorney of Girardi & Keese.  “it is a woman’s health issue too, because it makes those women less likely to go back to doctors for health screening.”

According to Deng Law Center, California ended its statute of limitations on rape cases after Bill Cosby.  Before 2016, the statute of limitations in California for sex crimes was just 10 years.

“It means police can pursue a case if they have enough evidence,” said Daniel Deng, the founder of Deng Law Center, who called for more victims to come forward.

“There would be compensations obviously for emotional distress caused by the actions of this doctor and the university,” said David Lira, attorney with Girardi & Keese.  “Possibly there could be a claim inserted for punitive damages, because the conduct is outrageous, reckless and despicable.”

“The university has a legal and moral duty to protect these young students.  They failed to do that.  Now they have to answer all the damages they caused by their omissions and inactions,” Lira added.


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