Sheriff McDonnell Interacts with Business Leaders in San Gabriel Valley

San Gabriel, CA—Sheriff Jim McDonnell today paid a visit to the headquarter of Royal Business Bank located in San Gabriel, interacted with business leaders in the Chinese community with an update on the reform of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and his vision for the organization.

Sheriff McDonnell with Alan Thian, Chairman and CEO of Royal Business Bank, and Simon Pang, Executive Vice President of Royal Business Bank (credit: Keyang Pang)

“I put in levels of accountability within the organization starting from recruitment, hiring, training and supervision,” said McDonnell, who was elected as the 32nd sheriff in November 2014 in the midst of numerous challenges facing the Sheriff’s Department.  “I have embraced transparency and accountability, and put things in place that will serve the organization well for a long time to come.”

McDonnell reassured the Chinese community and business leaders that he will keep the reform mission going forward, and at the same time keep his deputies motivated to be productive and to be able to keep the crime down.

Alan Thian, Chairman and CEO of Royal Business Bank (credit: Keyang Pang)

Alan Thian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Business Bank praised McDonnell for his courage to reform the Sheriff’s Department, and expressed appreciation to the sheriff for his efforts to build confidence between the police and the community.

In the meeting McDonnell reiterated his concerns over a couple of controversial propositions in the State of California, such as Prop 47 and Prop 57.  These measures all have unintended consequences, and will “set back the crime picture” and “create more victims”.

Simon Pang, Executive Vice President of Royal Business Bank (credit: Keyang Pang)

Simon Pang, Executive Vice President invited more businesses and community organizations to be involved in Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, which is dedicated to providing Los Angeles County youth with safe facilities, planned programs and the vital tools they need to thrive and succeed in life.

The County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is the largest sheriff’s department in the United States, and also the 2nd largest transit police force in the nation.


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