El Monte Police Officers Saves 8-Year-Old Child from Choking with Life Saving Device

El Monte Police Department equipped each patrol unit with anti-choking device to improve emergency response capabilities

El Monte Police Officers Saves 8-Year-Old Child from Choking with Life Saving Device

El Monte, CA – On June 3, El Monte police officers Raul Vega, Officer Dennis Chiu, and Corporal Carlos Tello responded to an emergency call that saved the life of a child choking. Officer Vega first arrived on scene, finding eight-year-old Ethan Cante unconscious as his airways were blocked by a candy. Officer Chiu provided Officer Vega with a lifesaving anti-choking device, LifeVac, to clear Ethan’s airways – preventing a potentially dire outcome for Ethan.

“Luckily with my partners and the training that we had, we were able to get [the candy] out,” El Monte Police Officer Raul Vega shared. “Our police department supplied 200 of these to our patrol officers and to city employees, and this is a life saver. For 60 to 70 dollars this is going to save someone’s life.”

In April, the El Monte Police Department purchased 200 LifeVac’s, a portable airway clearing device, used in emergency responses when someone is choking. Since the purchase, this incident marked the first use of the LifeVacs by El Monte officers.

“I am proud of our officers who were able to utilize the device and save the life of a child in a matter of seconds,” said El Monte Police Chief Jake Fisher. “By equipping our officers with LifeVac we are taking a crucial step in improving our emergency response capabilities. Investments in tools like these are critical to our Department as our Officers are better equipped and trained to save lives in critical moments when every second counts

Ethan Cante and his mother Vanessa Becerra-Aguayo will join the El Monte City Council and the El Monte Police Department to recognize Officer Vega, Officer Chiu, Corporal Tello with a Life Saving Award at El Monte City Council Meeting schedule for the June 11, 2024 at 7 P.M. Dispatcher Veronica Chacon and Sandra Gonzalez will also be recognized for their critical and professional response while officers arrived at the scene of the incident with a Department Commendation.


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