Assessor Prang Names Public Affairs Chief of Staff

Assessor Prang Names Public Affairs Chief of Staff

Ted Olguin is Highest Ranking Native American in Office

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang has named Ted Olguin as his new Chief of Staff of the Assessor’s Communications and Public Affairs team.

An enrolled tribal member of the Pueblo of Isleta Native-American community in New Mexico, Ted is the highest ranking Native American in the Assessor’s Office. As Chief of Staff of the Communications and Public Affairs Unit, Ted will be responsible for a wide range of duties that includes public education, media, legislative analysis and advocacy, internal and external communications, and community outreach. He will oversee a staff of 13, including field deputies, special assistants and administrative staff and the implementation of Assessor Prang’s vision of providing excellent quality service to the public, in large measure by way of an aggressive educational outreach program.

“Ted is uniquely qualified to lead our efforts in the public affairs arena,” said Assessor Prang. “Internal and external communications have changed significantly over the years with a variety of multi-media platforms now available, along with conventional outlets. Ted has the unique ability to navigate this constantly changing modern world of public affairs. He’s a welcomed addition to the Executive Team.”

Olguin is a an alumnus of the Southern California Coro Fellow in Public Affairs program, one of the nation’s premier fellowships equipping emerging leaders with skills, knowledge, and networks to collaborate and drive innovative solutions. It provides a graduate-level, experiential, cross-sector leadership training program that prepares aspiring leaders for effective & ethical leadership in the public affairs arena.

His unique experiences and opportunities have equipped Ted with a diverse set of skills and tools to engage with other innovators across sectors, ideologies, and backgrounds to address concerns in the public affairs arena.

Ted completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science and Economics at the University of New Mexico.  He committed two years of service with Teach For America as a second grade teacher while completing his Masters of Elementary Education from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis.

“I am honored to have been selected to lead Communications and Public Affairs on behalf of the largest property assessment agency in the nation,” Olguin said. “Los Angeles County is home to the largest concentration of Native Americans in the country and I am proud to represent a small but growing number of Native American professionals leading in local government.”

Prior to working as a Special Assistant for Assessor Prang, where he has been focused on strategic communications and speechwriting, he was a field organizer for then-Los Angeles City Councilmember David Ryu’s 2020 re-election campaign.


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