US Rep Judy Chu, Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan, Health Care Advocates Join Protect Our Care CA to Mark the 13-Year Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Los Angeles, CA —  Today, US Rep Judy Chu, Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan, LA Urban League President Michael Lawson, and Susan Meyer from California Alliance for Retired Americans joined Protect Our Care CA to highlight the 13th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act and discuss how Californians have benefitted from the law, which expanded access to quality, affordable health care. The historic legislation eliminated lifetime caps, expanded Medicaid, and secured protections for millions of people living with pre-existing conditions. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) built on the strong foundation of the ACA by lowering premiums for middle and working class families by an average of $2,400 a year. Thanks to the ACA, more than 21 million Americans have gained coverage through Medicaid expansion, and Medicaid has become a pillar of the American health care system, demonstrating the overwhelming need and desire for affordable health coverage.

Thanks to the ACA, health plans are also required to cover preventive care services without cost-sharing. Access to preventive care has improved health outcomes and reduced economic inequity. The ACA has helped reduce longstanding disparities in coverage rates, improving health care access for children, rural Americans, people with disabilities, and people of color across the nation.

Speakers also highlighted ongoing Republican attacks on health care, and celebrated how President Biden and Democrats in Congress have made historic investments to secure the future of American health care. Thanks to their vision and determination, Californians can now sleep easier at night knowing President Biden and Democrats in Congress are hard at work to expand health coverage and lower health care and prescription drug costs.

“The ACA is the law of the land despite more than 70 Republican-led attempts to repeal or undermine it over the past 13 years. And the last time Republicans controlled Congress and the Presidency, they were just one vote away from succeeding. But thanks to the late Senator John McCain and Democrats’ unified front, we stood together and protected this law thanks to the support and advocacy of millions of Americans. And now, I am committed to strengthening the Affordable Care Act and continuing to stand together against Republicans’ repeated, failed attempts to repeal this law. Cuts to the ACA and Medicaid would result in higher health care costs for tens of millions of Americans, millions of people losing health coverage and care, and increased threats to health care for seniors and people with disabilities.” -US Rep Judy Chu

“Bear in mind: 5,000,000 people would lose health care if the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed, most of them working class women and children… Today we celebrate the 13th anniversary of the ACA, but continue to remain vigilant. Let your congressman know that they cannot repeal this act because it is a necessity for millions of Americans… We cannot go back” -LA Urban League President Michael Lawson

“41,000 residents of Irvine are at the poverty level, and many of them are dependent on the ACA for their health care. Can you imagine a city that is building world class hospitals, but whose residents can’t take advantage of them? That’s why it’s so important to reach out to your federal representatives and ensure they support the ACA.” -Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan