“Patio of Illusion” wins multiple international awards

“Patio of Illusion” wins multiple international awards

Los Angeles– “Family is important,” is a theme widely explored, yet a notion that is often put on the back burner, pushed to the back of the mind as we live our flourishing lives.

And it’s no wonder–with one’s social and economic environment constantly changing, it is easy to lose sight of what we truly love, the ideals that we use to champion and sadly, the people in our lives that we thought we would always hold dear. “Patio of Illusion”, executively produced by  Loi Man Keong, directed by Shangshi Chen and US produced and distributed by Sunny Xiang (Amazon films “I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone”, “To Kern”, “The Magic Door”, IQiYi reality TV show “The Rap of China, Los Angeles”) has garnered many awards from renown film festivals such as the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, winning the Platinum Remi Award; the Riverside International Film Festival winning the Founder’s Award, Jury Best Actor and Jury Best Director; the Los Angeles Film Awards, winning Best Narrative Feature; the Five Continents International Film Festival and London Independent Film Awards, winning Best Feature Film.

It was also nominated at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Global Film Festival Awards and Montreal Independent Film Festival.

“Patio of Illusion” intimately explores the conflict between family and social environment through the story of an ordinary man living in modern Macau.

With a polished creative crew lead by Shangshi Chen, a script written by Mengmeng Chen provided with true-to-life character materials by  Loi Man Keong , it is a captivating family drama that explores social and economic issues that arose for young individuals during the 2000s in Macau.

It shows how the environment affects their understanding of family and what they must do to gain family happiness. In a quickly shifting social environment, our protagonist Ho Yi-Cheung, played with abandon by Eugene Tang (“Tian Tai Ai Qing”, “Xiong Di Ban”), loses himself and tries to blend in, tending to agree with things that he used to be against.

He gives up his passion in art in order to provide for his family by working in the bustling casino world. Eventually, Yi-Cheung loses sight of what he was working for. He loses his courage to face his true self, and thus risks losing what he treasured the most: the love of his life, and the family they painstakingly built together.

How does Yi-Cheung find his path back to happiness? This is the arduous but rewarding journey the audience will witness in “Patio of Illusion”.

“Patio of Illusion” is presented by Guangzhou 3C Toon co., produced and distributed by UTV Macau Media and Fusionart Pictures Inc. Shot with RED 8K Full Frame Ultra High-Definition technology combined with film-making artistry, the film presents the audience with a whole different viewing experience.


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