Long Beach City Council Briefed on 2019 Ping Pong Fit International Festival

By Staff Reporter

Long Beach, CA—The organizers of 2019 Ping Pong Fit International Festival was invited to brief the City Council of Long Beach on the just concluded event which was successfully held over the Labor Day weekend.

GC3 co-founders addressed the council meeting (by Keyang Pang)

Monique Luo and Barry Sedlik, the co-founders of Global Creative Cities Coalition (known as GC3), and other members of the organizing team attended and addressed the meeting of the City Council today.  Also invited were several folk artists from China.

Mayor Garcia signed the Ping Pang paddle (by Keyang Pang)

Both Luo and Sedlik expressed appreciation to the elected officials of the City of Long Beach for their support in making Long Beach the first Ping Pong friendly city in the United States.

GC3 plans to donaties Ping Pong tables to the parks and non-profit organizations in Long Beach, further promoting Ping Pong among the local residents.

A signed paddle presented to the City Hall as memorabilia (by Keyang Pang)

Robert Garcia, the mayor of Long Beach, along with members of the City Council, congratulated GC3 on the festival and expected more collaborations with the organization.

GC3 presented the City Hall a customized Ping Pong paddle as a memorabilia.

Luo introduced Chinese tea culture to the mayor (by Keyang Pang)
Council members signed the paddle (by Keyang Pang)


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