Celebrity Chefs Demonstrate Chinese Culinary Arts at China Gourmet Night

Los Angeles—China Gourmet Night, sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles was held today in Pasadena New School of Cooking as part of a series of celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between China and the United States.

Master chefs from China (by Keyang Pang)

11 well known chefs from China showcased more than 20 classic dishes representing the cuisine of different regions of China.

“In China, food is not just something to fill the stomach, it is the essential part of the Chinese Culture,” said Ambassador Zhang Ping, the Consul General of China in Los Angeles.

Chinese Consul General Zhang Ping (by Keyang Pang)

“The Chinese cuisine has become the part of the Chinese philosophy involving the notion of harmony between man and nature”, added Zhang.

It is reported that there are about 6000 Chinese restaurants in the Los Angeles area alone.

“We have 652 restaurants in Pasadena, a city of 140,000 people,” said Terry Tornek, the mayor of Pasadena.  “And yet our long suit is not Chinese food.  It is very difficult for us to compete with San Gabriel, Monterey Park and other places in San Gabriel Valley.”

“With the help of the New School of Cooking, I think we can begin to challenge some of our neighbors in terms of the Chinese cuisine,” Tornek added.

Terry Tornek, the Mayor of Pasadena (by Keyang Pang)

Food is the best ambassador for cultural exchange.  Chinese food along with other forms of Chinese culture is well received in many countries.

“Cultural integration based on mutual learning and mutual sharing becomes the trend of our times,” Zhang said.

New School of Cooking in Pasadena was established in 1999.  According the new management, the school plans to add the Chinese cuisine to its training curriculum.

“I hope the school can serve as a platform and bridge for promoting the Chinese culture and the Chinese gourmet,” said He Mei, the owner of the school.


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