CORUM Announces Hu Bing As Global Brand Ambassador

26th September 2018, CORUM officially announces Hu Bing, the renowned Chinese actor and model, as its new Global Brand Ambassador. Over the years, Hu Bing has not only been popular in Chinese films and TV, but also been enjoying a high-profile status on international fashion stage with exquisite appearance and a tall figure. His elegant and imperturbable style, persistent and devoted attitude have perfectly embodied ‘Craft Your Dreams’ of CORUM’s philosophy.

This is the twenty-seventh year of Hu Bing’s career. He has never looked back after he got success and fame with his matured or vigorous characters in TV serials like ‘True Confession’ and ‘Pink Girl’ in his early years of the career. However, with his sole intention of devotion towards his works, he chose to accept different and challenging roles of life on his journey towards further success. The passionate interpretation of each character and the excelsior performance on each fashion stage, are his secretto be evergreen in theindustry with each passing day.

Mr. Jérôme Biard, CEO of CORUM, expressed his happiness for the the coorperation with Hu Bing, ‘He is truly a typical Chinese gentleman. His achievements in diverse areas have definitely proved his magnificant talent. As one of the earliest representative, a Chinese model who presented in international fashion shows, his devotion with unparalleled self-descipline and persistence make him a successful star and a actor for years. His pursuit to excellence and continuous breakthrough are precisely the best interpretation of CORUM’s persistent progress in fine watchmaking.’

After taking the new role of CORUM’s Global Brand Ambassador, Hu Bing said, ‘CORUM is a pioneer in watchmaking. As a fan of CORUM, I am very honored to be their Global Ambassador.’ With rich life experience, he also has unique sense of views towards the brand, and looks at it with utmost respect. ‘CORUM has positioned itself at the forefront of watch industry by creating a number of iconic collections in the past 63 years. This proves that ‘Craft Your Dreams’ is not merely a slogan, but a belief in continuous exploration and a determination to go beyond itself.’

Comforming to the meaning of its emblem of ‘A Key Pointing Skywards’, Hu Bing, along with CORUM, will inspire more and more people to explore the unfathomed time mysteries in the world of fine watchmaking. (By Kinetic Media Group C/OHu Bing Studio USA )


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