Happy Chinese New year, Charming Beijing Variety Show To Be Unveiled for the Third Time in Beverly Hills, USA


BEIJING-On October 11, the conference and visitors bureau of the City of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States held a press conference in Beijing to announce its continuing cooperation with CICA and BACE to jointly host the 3rd “Happy Chinese New Year, Charming Beijing” in Beverly Hills on January 21, 2017. This is the sixth consecutive year of Beverly Hills hosting a Chinese New Year celebratory event.

“After two consecutive years of Beverly Hills working with the China International Culture Association and Beijing Association for Cultural Exchange, the Chinese New Year event has attracted great attention across South California, and has been a great success,” said Julie Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of the BHCVB. “The event plays an important role in helping local people understand China and Beijing’s culture, and to improving mutual friendship. Beverly Hills’ government attaches great importance to this event and looks forward to seeing culture and art from Beijing again at the 2017 gala.”

Julie Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of the BHCVB
Julie Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of the BHCVB

The 2017 Chinese New Year event will be divided into 3 parts – variety show, “Charming Beijing” photo exhibition and intangible cultural heritage handicrafts display. The variety show will be undertaken by the Beijing Performing Arts Group, with the Chinese Acrobatics Troupe – an internationally awarded acrobatics troupe –  as the main performances, blending in Beijing folk music, opera, modern dance, puppetry and other forms of performance, revealing a joyful festive atmosphere to the local audience.

The “Charming Beijing” photo exhibition will feature spring festival culture, including 50 paintings reflecting the city and folk culture, presenting ancient and modern Beijing’s cultural customs with the naked eye, 3D, and VR display technology. Joining this will be a display of Beijing’s handcrafting traditions — intangible cultural heritage — a vivid display of the traditional culture heritage of the Beijing people and their love of life.bh2


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