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Playboy announced it would stop publishing photos of nude women ― a practice that’s been integral to its existence since the 1950s. Dree Hemingway ― Miss March 2016 – is the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. She’s the first Playboy Playmate to be featured in the magazine’s new life without full frontal nudity. (NPR)

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will debate on Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern, just days after the two fought to a virtual draw in the Iowa caucuses. It will be the fifth face-off between the two, but their first one-on-one contest. (NY Times)

A jury has ordered Apple to pay $626 million in damages after finding that iMessage, FaceTime and other Apple software infringed on another company’s patents.I n a case that has been bouncing around the court system since 2012, VirnetX accused Apple of violating four of its patents, which mostly involve methods for real-time communications over the Internet. (CNN)

Nobel Peace Prize nominees: The Greek island groups welcoming Syrian refugees, an escaped ISIS sex slave turned women’s rights activist, the negotiators who ended five decades of civil war in Colombia, National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. Oh, and Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate, who was hosting a reality TV show at this time last year, has been nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize by a mystery patron, Kristian Berg Harpviken told CNN on Wednesday, confirming an earlier AFP report. (KTLA)


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